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It takes a village to grow the seed of sustainability.

Please give a huge cheer to the wonderful people who have stepped up to support the Fashion & Fairytale mission over the past few weeks.

We always knew pulling this event off after lockdown might be hard, with so many local businesses and families affected by Covid-19, but the community spirit and support for our mission has been overwhelming.

From floral crowns, dressmakers, mannequin loans, transportation, social shares, floral displays, through to exhibition curation, we have been humbled by the boundless enthusiasm and kindness of Bath businesses and residents.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome due to lockdown has been sourcing mannequins to display the winning outfits and Cindy's beautiful creations. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Debenhams, Southgate, we have managed to borrow 20 mannequins to truly show off the artistry and sustainable elements of the outfits.

Back in September last year Southgate, Bath paid and arranged printing of all of our Design Competition sheets enabling every young person in B&NES to enter the largest competition of its kind. Now they have gone one step further and will be delivering and returning these mannequins to and from the Assembly Rooms, Bath ready for the exhibition.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Kersti Haabjoern has taken time out from her role at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath and her ongoing MA in Museum Studies to take on the huge task of curating the Fashion & Fairytale exhibition. Her tenacity, attention to detail and positive attitude has been a huge asset to our team and quite frankly, we don't know how we could have accomplished so much without her!

This week we will be making final plans to bring the natural world into the Assembly Rooms, Bath thanks to the generosity of Flowers By Blomme. This is what Nicole had to say about working with us:

Blomme, as a botanical and installation artist always seeks out people, places and collaborations with creatives where we can join minds to create beautiful events and moments born out of a love sustainability and ethical values.
Using foraged materials, dried flowers and recycled elements in our installations contributes to the values shown within Fashion and Fairytale and we are very excited to be showcasing amongst this great brand.

Forrest and Tilley have also returned to help us again; you may remember they created the beautiful flower crowns for our photo shoot back in August last year?

Now they are creating more seasonal crowns to adorn our exhibition installations, and we've no doubt that their creativity will be the literal cherry on the top of some of the stunning outfits.

Meanwhile Mary Warren has been sewing hundreds of recycled bottle tops and hand cut, embellished felt leaves to Edith Holladay's recycled seasons dress. Whilst Catherine Miller, has been juggling her many bespoke wedding dress commissions between making our KS3 winner Catherine Cook's fabulous design. The two Catherine's have collaborated throughout lockdown to bring the original design to life and we cannot wait to see the finished result.

We are sure you will agree that things are so much better when accomplished by a team. We feel privileged to be supported by so many individuals and businesses who believe in the potential power of our community project as much as we do. If you would like to play a role in supporting our exhibition then get in touch.


If you haven't booked your FREE ticket to the exhibition yet, what are you waiting for? Socially distanced time slots are filling fast and we promise you will leave the exhibition with a spring in your step. You can book your tickets here:


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