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"It was that sheer joy and utter freedom of letting the imagination soar to its most luminous transcendent heights that I wanted others to experience. This was the well spring and heart centre, of the ‘Fashion and Fairytale’ enterprise. "

Fashion and Fairytale draws on Bath's style heritage to inspire the creative energy of the city's community. 

Bringing together the skills of craftspeople, designers, artists and the imaginations of local children, Fashion and Fairytales offers a unique opportunity for your business to tailor sponsorship to your marketing and corporate responsibility objectives. 

Fashion and Fairytales's varied programme of events, offers you the chance to engage your target audience in a meaningful and rewarding way. 

As well as a strong brand association, with numerous opportunities to link your brand in print, online and advertising, you are nurturing a new generation of creatives and designers.


Partnering with us in this celebration of the imagination offers unlimited opportunities for you to showcase your brand across social media and multimedia PR channels.

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We are delighted to be collaborating with

Emma Reichenbach, Senior Fellow, Winchester School of Art

Jacky Puzey, Award winning Digital Embroiderer

Andy Jackson, Sustainable Fashion & Design Consultant
Penelope Ruddick, Consultant Curator

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