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And they all lived happily ever after...

12 months of hard work, 300 student designs, 22 dresses, hundreds of visitors and a whole lot of sustainable fashion ideas later, the Fashion & Fairytale Exhibition has come to an end.

To see Cindy Beadman's beautiful fairytale gowns all exhibited in such an iconic, historic building was magical, but as had always been intended, Cindy's creations were the backdrop to the creativity and imagination of B&NES students' designs; each and every one a celebration of sustainability and a symbol of hope for the future of our planet. Cindy was delighted to meet the winners of the Fashion & Fairytale competition and their proud families. From left to right: Edith Holladay, WASPS (KS2), Catherine Cook, St Gregory's (KS3), Bethany Trowman, Monkton Prep School (KS1) and Mayu Ishimoto, represented by her tutor Una Paver, Kingswood School (KS4).

Throughout the past 12 months of events, Mentoring Plus Girl's Group workshops, Southgate Macrame workshops, Victoria Art Gallery Fairy Making, school assemblies and lessons, a Christmas swap shop, sustainable window display trail, B&NES student design competition, campaigns, judging, making, sponsorship, guest blogs, preloved shopping sprees... the Fashion & Fairytale team have been privileged to collaborate with some wonderfully generous and enthusiastic individuals and businesses who have all played their part in helping us to realise Cindy Beadman's Fashion & Fairytale dream.

They are so many in number and their contribution so great that we could not distinguish between them, nor indeed credit them fully in this blog! So here's to the wonderful people whose passion for our planet has driven them to support us in our mission; to not only inspire a new generation of sustainable fashion designers, but to nurture a seed of sustainability that thrives:

All the 300 students' designs will be bound and made into a book by Cindy Beadman's family and we will continue to share updates and news on our social media platforms over the next couple of weeks.

If you have any comments about what Fashion & Fairytale has meant to you and your family, please do get in touch, we would love to share your thoughts and keep the sustainable fashion conversation alive. For now we wish you a happy and healthy summer, Team Fashion & Fairytale. xx


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