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Fashion & Fairytale goes back to school

Today our resident Fashion Expert - Rachel P Blake and I visited WASPS primary school to deliver the first of many free assemblies and lessons; all part of Fashion & Fairytale's commitment to inspire a new generation of sustainable fashion designers.

With three in five items of clothing ending up in landfill within just 12 months of being made (BBC Earth), Fast Fashion is fast becoming one of the worst polluting industries in the world. Educating the next generation about the long term consequences of the 'need' to consume and be 'on trend' has never been more urgent.

It was a real privilege to stand up in front of so many eager faces and to hear such enthusiastic answers to our questions. Fashion & Fairytale offers schools, colleges and universities the chance to embed our design competition into their curriculum, run it as a live project or offer it as an extra curricular project. Alongside assemblies, lessons and workshops, teaching resources from KS1 through to undergraduate level are available to download for free alongside our beautiful design sheets.

The total number of schools, colleges and universities actively taking part in our design competition across B&NES has risen to 12. Today has been a good day!

Want to learn more about the effects of Fast Fashion? Watch this powerful film created by

BBC Earth


Get in touch if you would like to learn more about the competition, our workshops and events or sponsorship opportunities.

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