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Big shout out to our fabulous Fashion & Fairytale partners.

Keen to inspire a new generation of sustainable fashion designers and share their love of creativity, craftspeople and businesses across Bath have generously donated prizes, sponsored our design sheets or devoted their time and expertise to our project.

Without their support, Fashion & Fairytale could not have got this far or be able to offer students from all over BANES the opportunity to learn new skills in design and kickstart a local conversation about sustainability.

WATCH THIS SPACE: In a series of blogs we will showcase our partners and what they bring to the Fashion & Fairytale community. We hope you'll share our project far and wide; the more students we reach, the more skills will be learned and the more opportunities will follow.


If you would like to join us and become a Fashion & Fairytale partner, sponsor an event or workshop, download our Partner Pack or get in touch by emailing

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